Every time we travel, we enjoy the culture of the place. We love getting to know the landscape, typical flavors, customs, art and music. With Argentina, something much more personal happens to us. The priority is always to get reacquainted and enjoy our family and friends. We rarely go sightseeing as we would do in other places. But life always surprises us. On this occasion, one of my brothers-in-law invited us to sail in his new boat.

That is how, on a beautiful summer day, we went sailing on the Talavera river. I enjoyed every moment of that landscape so longed for. I would like to be a poet to describe that peace. When we turned off the engine, I enjoyed the silence produced by the water, the birds, the breeze and the happy voices of my family. I love those moments of happiness where time does not exist.

Both kids and grownups enjoy that family reunion, that re encounter with the landscape, in short, that re encounter with the homeland. It was a wonderful day that I enjoyed with all my senses.

During the conversation, I mentioned that I liked the tranquility of that place and the beauty of that solitude which connects with nature. It seems that God listened to me. Because, at that moment, from behind the trees, a very picturesque boat appeared. I was touched by that image that seemed to me as it was out of a children’s book.

It was one of those old ships that carry supplies to the islanders. My children had never seen one. So, I told them how, thanks to that boat, the people who live in the islands get their food, clothes, firewood, gas and so on. It is one of the many forms of life that are not seen on television. The kids were fascinated with what they learned that day.

My “Talavera” is an attempt to remember that magical moment.

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