It all started one day when I was talking about artistic styles with a couple. The husband likes realistic painting and the wife likes abstract painting.

Thus, my great pictorial challenge arose. How to create a painting that is appealing to both?

After looking for inspiration everywhere, doing many sketches and trying several palettes, I came to my idea.

Now … How do I carry it out?

The first thing was to ask Engineer Miori for advice on the vanishing point of the painting. Theme that gave me battle.

That was followed by the happiness of playing with my inner child drawing on the floor. Crawling around the huge canvas to take all the exact measurements. Using several types of rules to measure. Finding pieces of the correct sizes to draw the circles. This seemed more like a game than a painting. I had a lot of fun.

Once the design of the spheres was finished, the face had to be located. I tried several positions without success. When it was all right in one part, it deconstructed elsewhere. Until I realized that I was always looking at my design from the same angle. When I surrendered to all dimensions, all possibilities arose.

At the time of painting, I counted on the advice of the artist Tom DeVita. Again, I tried several ranges of colors. I took into account the colors that would convey my message and the range of colors in which, I think, my friends would feel at ease.

Yesterday, Sunday, after several months of work, I considered that the painting was ready to go to its destination.

As it is a huge painting (36″ x 48″), my beloved husband helped me to put it in the car. I felt a mixture of emotions … On one hand, the sadness of saying goodbye to my creation and companion of these months. On the other hand, the anxiety of knowing if its new owners would like it as much as I do.

When we get to their home, I asked them to go to another room. With the help of my husband, we arrange the painting in the living room, covered it with a fabric and called the new owners. We asked them to sit on the other side of the room in the sofa in front of the painting. I could barely contain my anxiety. When I removed the fabric from the painting and saw their astonished faces, I felt immensely happy. They approached the painting and could not stop observing it. They both loved my painting! I realized that I had achieved my goal. I managed to unite the realistic and the abstract with total success!

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