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Urban Select Realty

I thought about making a portrait of my husband. Many ideas came to mind. It was difficult to choose just one.

I admire my husband for many reasons. I would have to elaborate an infinite list to mention all those qualities. Even if I were able to make such list, it would be only an abstraction of all he is.

That’s how the idea for this painting came to my mind. In trying to portrait one of those qualities, I got to portrait many of them!

Many people say they want to leave their corporate job to start their own business. There are many obstacles to overcome to achieve that work independence. In that sense, it’s obvious why only a few actually do it. I can proudly say my husband is one of those people who overcame all those obstacles and built his own business!!!

Only someone who went through something similar understands all that is implied in this life change game. Or, like me, someone who witnessed the whole process.

For me, this painting is like a humble tribute to my loved husband and to one of his many conquered goals. In this quest, he showed his unique vision, intelligence, persistence, leadership, honesty, humility, his bravery and his capacity to be always evolving and absorbing new knowledge.

Yesterday, Wednesday October 17th, I made the official delivery of my Urban Select Realty painting.

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