Costa Hollywood Beach

Anybody who knows me, knows how much I love the beach. I’ve always had a special connection with water. My perfect vacation spot is the beach. Letting my eyes get lost in the swaying of the waves. Hearing the noise of the sea. Smelling the breeze. Touching the sand. Even tasting the fresh water I always carry with me. The whole experience is a delight for my senses.

Some time ago, I spent a wonderful weekend at an apartment on the beach. I had a great time. That apartment has a fantastic view of the intercoastal. I spent hours sitting on that balcony just admiring the view. The light variations that can be observed along the day are incredible. The way that the view of that landscape changes during the day is amazing. It’s a show for my eyes. Of course, it inspired me enough to feel the urge to paint.

That’s how I came up with a series of paintings that I called Costa Hollywood Beach. “Stay tuned” for what’s next.

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