I wanted to portrait a typical landmark of Hollywood Beach, Florida. After some visits to that beach, I found the perfect spot and the perfect light. It is the “Entrance” to the beach, and it is as typical as it gets. I was so surprised and delighted! What I love about this painting is that when I look at it, I feel as if I’m entering in that beach. Even the sun over the palm tree bothers me as I feel its glare in my eyes!  I enjoy the way the shadows play on the ground. Most of all, that view makes me feel relaxed, happy, and with energy to begin a wonderful new day.

When one of my daughters saw it, she told me “Mom, it makes feel as if I’m there! I love it!”

Hopefully it makes everybody feel that way. It would be as if we are all on vacations! Can you imagine? Working in your office feeling you are on vacations? Or, being in your house when it’s snowing outside and feeling you are in the heat of Florida?

Art can transport us to other places and make us feel so many things. The way art opens our minds always amazes me. It’s a blessing to be part of that magic.

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