Green Wave

I like to paint things that I find the most beautiful and/or meaningful. Whenever I go to the beach, I love to let my eyes get lost in the swaying of the waves. I find it so relaxing, uplifting, and, for some unknown reason, it’s like time has stopped during that whole magical experience.

While I was staring at the ocean, I saw a green wave in the blue sea. Those colors captured my attention completely. They reminded me of my husband’s eyes. Through the transparency of the water, I can see what lies beneath the sea. There’s no mystery… just certainty. I love to get lost in his eyes.

Painting those colors, trying to establish the water’s transparency, shaping the white foam, and figuring out the shadows and lights of the wet sand was a delight for me. I enjoyed each and every stroke of this painting. Now that I finished it, I believe it’s a great addition to my series of paintings Costa Hollywood Beach.

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