Vanesa draws her influence from the series of invaluable mentors she’s had throughout her life, viewing the artist inside her as an ensemble of their collective teachings; the culmination of a lifetime of study shown through the lens of a creative soul. Vanesa began her pursuit of art during childhood, starting formal training at the age of seven, and apprenticing under masters in her home of Argentina, and later Mexico and the United States. As she honed her craft and exposure to a variety of styles and mediums, Vanesa chose to focus as a realist painter using oil on canvas. Exhibited in her own solo show Juego de Texturas in Buenos Aires (2008), this marked her  professional departure from Argentina as she continued her study in the United States.
Holding her own studio in Argentina, Vanesa later worked in Mexico before relocating to Pembroke Pines, Florida; where she is a member of the DeVita Academy of Art where her continued concentration focuses on Classical methods of representation.
Viewing the foundations of her life as God, family, and art, those three pillars are equally channeled throughout Vanesa’s body of work. Her intent as an artist is to give others the opportunity to discover the beauty of the world, translating the emotions of love, joy, hope, and peace across barriers in a way only art can.

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