Landscape Painting

Paintings whose principal content is a scenic view.


Green Wave

I like to paint things that I find the most beautiful and/or meaningful. Whenever I go to the beach, I love to let my eyes get lost in the swaying of the waves. I find it so relaxing, uplifting, and, for some unknown reason, it’s like time has stopped during that whole magical experience. While …

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I finished “Dawn” and I feel so accomplished! I have already talked about my Costa Hollywood series of paintings. Well, one of the wonderful intercoastal views that took my breath away was the dawn. Those colors and lights in the dark are fantastic. After spending a day at the beach, there’s nothing like enjoying that …

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I wanted to portrait a typical landmark of Hollywood Beach, Florida. After some visits to that beach, I found the perfect spot and the perfect light. It is the “Entrance” to the beach, and it is as typical as it gets. I was so surprised and delighted! What I love about this painting is that …

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Every time we travel, we enjoy the culture of the place. We love getting to know the landscape, typical flavors, customs, art and music. With Argentina, something much more personal happens to us. The priority is always to get reacquainted and enjoy our family and friends. We rarely go sightseeing as we would do in …

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